First Days Children’s Charity

First Days was set up in 2013 by Emma Cantrell, in response to research that identified a need in the local community in Berkshire: families were struggling to make ends meet and could not provide all that their children needed. In the five years since, First Days have supported thousands of families who are living in poverty. Their challenge now is to work with other organisations to begin to provide services that families need to help them in the long term. If you’d like to know more contact Emma.

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Yorkshire Children’s Trust

Yorkshire Children’s Trust was founded by two sets of parents after their daughters were diagnosed with Leukaemia. Since 2011, the charity has set out to help children and their families cope with the emotional and financial strain of many life-changing illnesses, something the founders of the charity understand after dealing with cancer. Despite their far-reaching work with local parents, support workers and medical professionals, Yorkshire Children’s Trust receive no lottery, NHS or central government funding. The cost of helping children rises every year and they rely 100% on donations to fund their essential work in the community.

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The Bumblebee Children’s Charity

The Bumblebee Children’s Charity is a specialist centre for children who have difficulties with movement and co-ordination. The Bumblebee Children’s Charity incorporates all aspects of the child’s development (physical, cognitive, social and emotional) into its programme. Every child has different needs, so the programme is designed around the individual child and related to his or her age and abilities.

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Young Carers Bucks

Young Carers Bucks is part of Carers Bucks and supports children and young people who care for a family member who have a physical or mental illness, disability, or drug/alcohol related misuse. The cared for person may be a parent, sibling or another relative living in the same household. Even in there are services in place and other members of the family helping with the care, the emotional impact and restrictions due to illness or disability have an enormous effect on the young carer.

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Amelia’s Rainbow

Amelia’s Rainbow was set up in memory of Amelia-Grace who died in 2010 from an aggressive childhood cancer. Amelia’s Rainbow supports children in Dorset and the surrounding areas who are suffering from terminal, life-limiting, serious and chronic illnesses. They aim to create an environment full of fun, laughter, achievement and memories; through providing funds for activities and play which will enrich the lives of children who are suffering.

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NSPCC stand up for children in England by finding the best ways to prevent abuse and neglect and influencing the government to take action. They are committed to finding out what’s working and – more importantly – what isn’t, and what they can do about it. They do this by evaluating the services they provide for children and families and conducting research.

A donation is made by us on behalf of every new customer we receive. Therefore, by working with us, you are also working with us to make sure every childhood is free from abuse.

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